Stucco Contractor

R. Campos Masonry is a high quality stucco contractor located in Boulder, CO. We use a three layer hard coat Stucco, (HCS) process. Stucco has many different applications, ranging from a plaster with a coarse exterior finish often displayed on South-western style homes often seen in Southern Colorado,  New Mexico, and Arizona, to smooth exterior and interior finishes as shown in the picture of this Boulder home.

R. Campos Masonry Corporation and their expert use of Stucco, offers a vast range of designs from an imitation stone look, to a fine smooth plaster finish used for covering walls, ceilings and floors, and for decorative purposes. Stucco can also be applied over existing surfaces such as block, brick, fiber board or various existing siding materials, to give your home a “fresh new look” that lasts.

Stucco can also be integrated with stone or other existing structures to create a unique yet blended appearance. Proper application of stucco is critical, as any cracks in the stucco surface that develop over time can lead to water seepage, and result in mold and mildew in the interior walls. R. Campos Masonry is particular about making sure our stucco is mixed and applied properly, to avoid cracks and crevices. Stucco can be maintenance free, as it doesn’t necessarily require painting, as coloration can be mixed into the coating.  However, it is power washable and paintable.

R. Campos Masonry Corporation in can advise you on available stucco materials and designs that will meet your particular needs. Call R. Campos Masonry of Boulder today for your free estimate!

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