R. Campos Masonry did a splendid job on the stone work for our Boulder home. Not only was the craftsmanship fantastic, but the job was done on time, actually quicker than I expected. Our home is 3,500 square feet, and the exterior base of the house was all skirted with natural stone, plus the entry way was all stone. A good size job, and once the material arrived at our house, the job was done in a few days. I especially appreciated working with Rolando. He is very particular about details, that I would have otherwise not noticed. The grouting was very neat, without any extra cement on anything. We decided to go with R. Campos Masonry based on a referral from a friend after getting a four other bids, and are we glad we did. Lastly, the price was fair and competitive with other mid-range bids we got. Thanks Rolando and crew!

The Johnson Family Boulder, CO

Efficiency, flexibility, and top quality at a good price is how I describe R. Campos Masonry. During the construction of our new house in Boulder, we ran into several schedule changes due to other contractors, and R. Campos Masonry kindly adjusted their schedule multiple times to accommodate the upstream contractors. When they finally started the job, I was amazed at how skilled and efficient their masons and hod carriers were. I have been around a lot of construction sites in my time, and I’ve never seen anything like these guys. They were buzzing around the place like a bunch of bees, and the end result was simply beautiful. We had them do both brick and stone, and they didn’t miss a beat. Hats off to R. Campos Masonry.

Mike S. in Boulder